Commercial Clients

Image Purchase

This section serves to handle any kind of commercial requests by means of providing you an easy-to-use interface. Purchasing pictures is as simple. Simply chose the picture you intend to buy and press the contact button being available at every picture. The fee is calculated on a case-by-case base to optimally customise each purchase.

When filling in the question form please provide as many information as possible concerning your intended picture usage. This procedure enables the purchase to be as quick as possible so that your pictures are going to be delivered at earliest convenience.

You have the choice to order a high resolution digital picture either via email or if requested by mail on DVD. Payment options include PayPal for an easy and secure transaction and bank transfer.

Kind of Use

Corporate (brochures, flyers, magazines, presentations, etc.)
Company information, print run, image size, duration, ...

Advertising (magazines, newspapers, television, internet, etc.)
Company / media information, print run, image size, duration, ...

Editorial (magazines, newspapers, books, etc.)
Media information, print run, image size, ...

Display (exhibitions & fairs, etc.)
Display size, ...


Simple Licence: Images can be bought for a specific purpose (and duration). This is the least expensive option.

Royalty-free: We can sell you non-transferable rights to use the picture wherever you like, as often as you like and for as long as you like. This is a good option for companies who may wish to use the picture in reports, presentations and advertising materials.

Exclusive: An exclusive license can be requested for any image to eliminate the simultaneous use of an image by other companies or even competitors. Be sure no one else uses this particular picture.


Delivering the images you are looking for requires a lot of time, skills, knowledge and experience. Camera gear is very expensive and some images you see here require special equipment. You simply can't do that with a cheap consumer camera... we are talking about a five-digit sum you will have to invest here.

Instead of spending a lot of money to hire a professional photographer for your required picture, you can choose from many unique shots for very little money.

Industry knowledge is indeed priceless and a conventional photographer will struggle to deliver the same pictures you see on here. As for it being an honor to have our photo published... yes it is. Just not for free.