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Airbus A340-3001106 Views

Airbus A340-313X | Air China | B-2388

Welcome to B777 and heavy Airbus country...Simply stunning what's flying into London Heathrow! Note MH's Hibiscus One in the right background. Shot taken onboard D-ACRK flying back to Dusseldorf as LH4779.

Fokker F-70967 Views

Fokker F-70 | Austrian Arrows | OE-LFJ

It's obvious who rules at Vienna airport...each type of Austrian Arrows fleet (except the -300 series Dash 8) visible... The Lauda B738 seems to be lost here! ;)


MUC's tower with a LTU's "Papa Bravo" on short final behind...


"Die Maus" with D-ABOK, D-AIR* and D-ABEE at the Star Alliance terminal A...

Fokker F-701142 Views

Fokker F-70 | Tyrolean Airways | OE-LFI

Full house here at Innsbruck. The following aircrafts are standing in front of this great scenery: Tyrolean OE-LFI, OE-LCK, OE-LTH; Air 2000 G-OOOY; Lauda Air OE-LNP, OE-LNN, OE-LNO; Tyrolean OE-LGB!


View from the top section of Munich's large control tower. Picturing the northern part of the apron with Lufthansa's D-AIGZ, D-AIGF, United's N647UA, US Airways N645US and Delta's N180DN. Thanks go to all people who made this possible for me!

Antonow606 Views

Apron | Flughafen Muenchen GmbH | -

A place where you'd like spend some time...

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ATC Tower | Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) | -

Germany's smartest looking tower in nice evening light. In the background it's EK's "Kilo Tango" on final Rwy 26L.

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Airbus A320-214 | Austrian Airlines | OE-LBR

AUA's Star Alliance Airbus "Bravo Romeo" was the aircraft that took me to VIE an hour before. Shot taken from Tyrolean's OE-LTP departing Rwy 29 to Innsbruck.


Thanks to ANA for sending their Pok?mon on x-mas to FRA. The other gate is occupied by Asiana's HL7414 getting loaded. Also note the TWO Varig MD-11s as well as the four aircraft on final for Rwy 25R/L.